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We provide creative solutions to clients around the world,
creating things that get attention and meaningful.


We provide complete end-to-end product development services right from conceptualisation till implementation.
Our services include feasibility study, mechanical, embedded and hardware design, simulations and testing, certification as well as necessary documentation.
We commit ourselves till the product is stabilized for mass production.


Our technical consulting services provide the experience, expertise, and industry intelligence to help you optimize in your most critical issues in the areas of technology, quality and manufacturing.
We believe with our two cents of advice, together with your expertise, can make things happen more efficiently and effectively in smarter ways than they would have been executed.


We extend our relationship with our design clients’ by providing then complete turnkey manufacturing services for the designed products.
Our services include sourcing of parts, custom tooling and jigs, EMS, box building, in-line testing and warranties.
We henceforth not only design products but have the guts to build and warranty our designs.

THE TEAM - Unified, Diligent, Inventive, Passionate and Persistent

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